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You Want Your Kids to Be...

Do you want your kid to be happy, successful, self-confident, have a heart full of gratitude, kind, and compassionate?

As parents and educators we have the unique opportunity to empower our children to believe and feel good about themselves by nurturing positive thinking and self love.

Teacher Kay’s programs are designed to lay the foundation for success in your child’s life. Success is not built only on the ABC’s and 123’s, but on fostering compassion, self-confidence, happiness, kindness and gratitude.

Teacher Kay believes that compassion, self-confidence and a positive mindset are missing components in today’s school system and we strive to fill the gap and build a solid foundation right from the start.

When children believe in themselves and their abilities it
manifests into their world in a positive way.


Join us in one our Alphapals programs at the beautiful Dan Foley Center in Vallejo California. 


For parents, teachers, daycare providers, preschools and homeschoolers who want to cultivate a positive mindset, teach the ABC’s and more!


Get a glimpse of what the Teacher Kay life is all about! Get inspired with projects and ideas to do with your kids at home! 

It is our passion to nurture, educate and inspire children as they begin their journey.

Kay Johnson, Director

Enroll in our local Vallejo classes.

Alphapals Preschool

Fun preschool program that empowers young children to believe and feel good about themselves.


Excellent introduction to the classroom environment for 2.5 - 5 years old. Kids will learn letters, play and more!

Teacher Kay

Teaching and empowering children to believe in themselves by giving them the tools they need to succeed in their life’s journey is my passion. To educate, nurture and inspire through a positive and fun learning environment with developmentally age-appropriate activities is my goal. When a child is engaged in the learning process and experiences joy through a loving nurturing environment their social, cognitive, physical, emotional and creative development flourishes.

Online Programs

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Are Your Kids Bored?

Never run out of things to do with your kids! Access our Idea Library for fun, educational and entertaining projects, ideas, and learning opportunities!

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Teach Your Kids the ABC’s in Sign Language!


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Is the online fee a one time payment or monthly?

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